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St George’s Day parade in Potters Bar 24th April

St George’s Day parade in Potters Bar 24th April

A lovely way to end a sunny weekend, marshalling the annual parade through town. With JK’s contacts in Scouts we were volunteered, or did we volunteer to assist.

A late afternoon meet-up for JK, Amy, Simon & Tracy, Andrew R, Benn & Fleur. We were given our positions to man the roadblocks, with additional support from Scout leaders and helpers. Permission had been obtained from the local council, but unfortunately with no police presence.

At 4 pm the procession started, led by the local show band. Beaming cubs, brownies, rainbows and older sections walked through town, carrying their troop’s colours.

Proud parents, friends, grannies, dogs and well-wishers lined the main drag, smiling with pride as they marched past.

Once they passed us, we slotted in at the back, hazard lights going, crawling along at a walking pace to a car park, the final destination.

Speakers, dignitaries, awards and thanks, parade dismissed and time to go home.

Well done RoadRunners, with them on decorated bikes, for helping to deliver a safe event for all the participants.